Ol'Dirty 2018

September 23, 2018



[ 9AM :: 23 SEPT 2018 ] 


Listen up you pencil-necked-geeks.

On 23 September 2018 you are required to assemble in the pre-designated parade ground at YMCA Mt Evelyn at precisely 0915 hours to await your mission briefing. Intelligence will bring you up to speed on the 55km of quality hard-packed gravel trails, paths, foxholes, and singletrack that climb 1,500m en route to your allocated rendezvous point.

Privates, this may be Australia’s largest gravel grind in it’s eighth year – however we don’t expect everyone to have the 4-1-1 on the fact that this is a sanctioned lycra party, not a race. You are expected to un-behave accordingly. Do you understand?

Commandeer an entry before July 31 and we’ll post you your custom Ol’Dirty buff, stat. So you can wear it All Winter Long. Limited tickets available.



It wouldn’t be an Ol’Dirty production without aural propaganda by The Soup Boys (check the 2017 Ol’Dirty playlist here), a steaming cup of hot Joe on arrival, hard liquor and free-flowing (pre-purchased!) beer in the officer’s bar, a mid-ride ration drop, and a mess hall for your post-ride lunch. You’ll also be heading home with your boot locker full, including a custom buff, a set of event dog tags, and your own canteen.

– Ol’Dirty custom neck buff
– Custom dog tags
– Canteen
– Pre-ride batch brew
– Mid-ride ration drop and hydration
– Post-ride lunch
– Access to professionally shot Instagram fodder
– Medics!

Until September 23, At ease.






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